How To Install Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Building a new house or trying to renovate an old one? Flooring plays an important role in every house. If you are wondering how to install luxury vinyl plank flooring on your property, you are at the right place. With so many different options to choose from, Fabio’s Flooring cuts the chase and offers high-quality planks at affordable rates. Vinyl plank is earning great interest from house owners due to the certain benefits provided by the flooring. 

Here at Fabio’s Flooring, we provide the best quality luxurious vinyl plank with an exclusive range of flooring that could be easily customized based on your requirements. While taking the products from Fabio’s Flooring you do not have to worry about the services like, how to install luxury vinyl plank or how to maintain the flooring. We provide an online guide for every product and service. 

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How To Install Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Choose Among The Best Types Of Vinyl Planks

Before installing luxurious vinyl plank flooring, it is important to reconsider the type of vinyl plank depending on your renovation needs and house decoration. Basically, you get three categories based on luxury vinyl plank installation. They are: 

  1. Interlocking Vinyl Plank

These types of vinyl planks create a look of the floating floor, in this method, any adhesive is replaced with the interlocking system. Tongue and groove joints snap the floor together and let it fix. This is a non-toxic and mess-free way of flooring.  

  1. GripStrip Vinyl Plank

This luxury vinyl plank uses adhesive to connect from one plank to another. With the use of adhesive, the planks are permanently fixed together and stay put for a longer duration, without getting damaged. 

  1. Glue Down Vinyl Plank

The Glue type of vinyl plank is further divided into two types, in one way the glue is applied on the floor and the plank is laid strategically on it. In the other method, the bottom of the plank is sticky and it is glued to the floor permanently. This flooring is waterproof and requires the least maintenance. Click below to get the best options of vinyl planks at the most affordable price by Fabio’s Flooring. 

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Planning Required For Vinyl Plank Installation

Floorings always need your special attention and planning to get the accurate results you desire. While thinking of getting a new luxury vinyl plank measure the floor you want to install a luxury vinyl plank. We suggest you buy 20% more of your requirement, to ensure enough lanks for the room. 

When getting a vinyl plank flooring from Fabio’s Flooring you do not have to worry about installing or removing them, as we have a trusted team that provides you an in-house sampling and free estimate of services beforehand. In this planning, you can also decide the color and pattern of vinyl plank that suits the furniture and create more space in your room. You can shift your essential items to a different room as a prep for the installation of planks. 

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Advantages Of Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

You know, vinyl plank is a more durable, versatile, and comfortable type of flooring. If you want to add a chic look to your home or provide it with a luxurious touch vinyl flooring can be your option. If you have pets and kids in your family there is no better flooring option than vinyl planks. It dampens the noise, has stain resistance, is water-resistant, and is easy to clean with a simple mop. The main attractions of the vinyl plank are that they are waterproof, easy to clean, provide beautiful texture and color to the house, are highly durable, and can be installed within the same day. 

Once you choose the luxury vinyl plank from us, our team of experienced professionals would assist you and install flooring within hours. Vinyl plank floors are preferred for bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms as they provide an intense look and the patterns go hand in hand with curtains and furniture. Also, the vinyl planks hardly require any maintenance or polishing as they stay the same for a longer duration. 

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Why Choose Fabio's Flooring For Vinyl Plank Installation?

Whether you are renovating your own house or associate with a real estate project, Fabio’s Flooring is here to assist you with high-quality vinyl planks and their installation. Flooring options at Fabio’s flooring can easily be customized according to your requirements and our team makes sure to serve you with premium services within hours. We have highly equipped tools and techniques to work on your flooring without damaging the trim and other items.  

Once you select a preferred design of vinyl planks, our team would carefully remove trim molding and prep the floor to attach vinyl peaks to it. After fitting and fixing the planks the trim molding is reinstalled and your floor would look as good as new within hours. Fabio’s Flooring is known for the best luxury vinyl planks and effortless services of installation. You get the best products and services in town at reasonable prices.

Fabio’s Flooring is your ultimate partner for the best luxury vinyl plank services if you are remodeling or renovating or designing a new house. The diverse range of vinyl planks is here to provide your home with a grand and luxurious look. Schedule an in-house estimate and sampling now or dial our number to know about our other services.

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